The search continues...

I've had this mystery song that remains tugging on my tee shirt. It's an unidentified 80s jam, and I don't think it's particularly obscure or even underground.  But in my life it's been drifting in and out of car windows, driven by fictional black chicks with cool lipstick. 

The tune is distinctly female, pure eighties slow electric funk - maybe even made to the top twenty. 

let's assume I just found it. My elation quickly turned to doubt, then denial, and back to quandary.  The appetite is too strong, and so searchlight stays on. 

Currently compiling a set of vinyl with this vibe. Suggestions greatly appreciated. 

S.O.S. Band - Just Be Good To Me
(1983 Tabu 4Z9 03956) 
12" Dj Promo
Quick listen or download:
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